Ask the Artist Event Tomorrow

I’m doing an Art the Artist stream tomorrow. Everyone is welcome to come and ask whatever questions you like about my tumblrs, other artwork or whatever.

Streaming will begin at 1pm pacific US time and will last for 30 or 60 minutes, or until I stop getting questions. Who knows.

Sounds like someone needs a hug

…I really do, right now. >:

Shorty, is there something bad happening in your life that you're not telling us? we can take the bad news.


Poof! For your next 8 posts, you're human.

No. Not doing this. Please stop asking this.

You look like you've been plumping out more lately (or maybe your legs are shrinkings ;3), have you been eating more lately due to being so busy?

…yeah, I get it. I have small legs. *sigh*

And no, I haven’t been eating more. I’m just fat. Always been. 

I’m sorry. I guess I’m just…tense, lately. 

A surprise gift from my special somepony, Choco Mountain. Thanks, sweetie! <3

A surprise gift from my special somepony, Choco Mountain. Thanks, sweetie! <3

Suggestions for where Ask Shorty should go?

I have a question for everypony. I’ve had this ideain my head for Shorty’s backstory, and planned to share it but I have no idea when. SO, here’s my question. Should I return to answering questions, or should I relate the story of how Shorty came to Ponyville?

Seriously, I know there's a stallion out there who will love your tummy! :-)

Huh? Who’s that?

You and Belle Bottom look very similar, are you sure you two aren't related?

Belle Bottom? I’m afraid I haven’t met anypony by that name so I can’t say.